George is a Financial Services Executive with eighteen years of experience across emerging and developed markets. He has a strong track record in digital lending across risk management, analytics, and product management functions. George was most recently Head of Analytics at Clix Capital ’16-‘17(formerly GE Capital, India), where he set up the enterprise data, analytics & decision-making platform, as well as help, lay the foundation for a fintech partnership business across Consumer and SME segments. George bags an engineering and management background (IIT (BHU) Varanasi, IIM Ahmedabad) and is a member of the CFA Institute. He is an advisor focused on building and scaling digital lending businesses and manages his personal investments as a portfolio manager (Indian Equity Markets).


Tell us a bit about yourself, professionally and personally?

Over the past couple of decades, I have set up, scaled and managed businesses in the lending and payments space across emerging and developed markets. Key functional expertise includes risk & portfolio management, data science, and fintech platform design. Passionate about investing, mainly focused on the Indian equity markets. Believe in work-life balance and look forward to gaining new experiences at Yabx!


What are you and your team working on at Yabx?

At Yabx, we are working at the intersection of telecom, mobile payments, and banking, using cutting edge data science (ML/AI) to solve the problem of financial inclusion for the nearly ~3 bn unbanked and underbanked consumers globally. The goal is to build a sustainable business by serving the mass market cost-effectively through technology and innovative use of data while respecting the consumer’s privacy and empowering them to make prudent choices to manage their finances.


Why Yabx is different from other Fintech(s)?

Yabx aims to work at the intersection of telecom and banking to provide an end to end platform solution for banks/FIs who want to participate in building and growing their business through financial inclusion. We leverage the vast reach of the telecom operators to reach the target consumers, personalize the right product based on their actual transaction and profile behavior (telecom and banking), underwrite customers with limited prior history using best in class risk algorithms honed with a wide range of telecom, wallet, bureau and device-based data sources and foster a healthy credit culture through consumer education and behavioral nudges.

How do you elaborate on Financial Inclusion to someone who is new to Yabx?

Traditional banks have not been able to serve those who are at the bottom of the pyramid because of their reliance on expensive, legacy infrastructure, which raises the cost to serve and a culture driven by inertia, focused on serving the well-served rather than the underserved. The convergence of three technological megatrends: increasing mobile phone penetration, the emergence of AI-based wallet and fintech lending platforms and increasing awareness of the opportunities for cross-industry collaboration (telecom, banking, payments, commerce) fostered by a progressive regulatory environment have driven order of magnitude growth across emerging markets (Africa, Asia, etc)  

What are your future plans pertaining to the vision of Yabx?

We are currently ‘LIVE’ in Africa with plans to roll out across nearly a dozen markets over 2020 in Africa as well as select markets in South East Asia and Latin America. We want to grow sustainably, which means that we navigate the business, maintaining focus on what matters and staying close to the ground, improving processes through time, using an iterative “test & learn” approach. 

From a consumer perspective, we want to offer great products that are personalized, can offer compelling value, obsessive focus on consumer experience, delivered via a mobile-first digital platform. We want to build a partner ecosystem across industries (telecom, payments, banking, and commerce) which can help drive a positive feedback loop, attracting creditworthy consumers, who are new to financial services and shepherd them through a ladder of products, starting with the microloans and micro-savings, progressing to larger ticket personal/business credit and further onto secured credit (auto/home) and protection/insurance products.

From a data science perspective, we are working to strengthen our risk algorithms by working in partnership with the world’s leading universities. From a risk management standpoint, we want to navigate the growth by ensuring that the risk capabilities are built up as we scale so that we build a credit portfolio, that is resilient across market conditions. 

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